1.1 What is the Meta Crisis?

The Meta Crisis is a global challenge that threatens the very fabric of our Society, and the Living System that contains it. It is characterized by a range of interconnected issues, including environmental degradation, social inequality, economic injustice, spiritual confusion, and political polarization, deceit, and corruption. It is an unprecedented challenge that requires a comprehensive, cohesive, and coordinated response.

But make no mistake, the Meta Crisis is not insurmountable. It is the result of a complex interplay of factors, including historical, structural, and systemic causes, as well as the actions and behaviors of individuals and communities. We have the power to impact and change these factors and root causes, and we must do so with urgency and determination. Because we as a human species are the ones who have co-created the Meta Crisis, it is up to us as a human species to solve the Meta Crisis, and thereby forge a new era of flourishing and prosperity for all.

The Meta Crisis has the potential to impact individuals, communities, and the world in significant and far-reaching ways, including the potential collapse of the existing order, and the potential for a significant percentage of the world's population to suffer and die unnecessarily. This non-zero probability of wise-spread suffering and collapse requires an urgent and concerted effort to address it. But if we come together, if we unite as a citizen-led global community, we can overcome this challenge and create a better future for all. We can be the generation that rises to meet this crisis and emerges stronger, more united, and more resilient.

It is important to note that while the Meta Crisis is a global challenge, its impacts and manifestations can be different and more severe in certain communities and regions. Many of us are unaware of the tremendous suffering and injustices being born by citizens around the world. Therefore, it is crucial that any response to the Meta Crisis is inclusive, just and takes into consideration the specific context and unique needs of different communities. In addition, it is important to recognize that addressing the Meta Crisis requires not just addressing the symptoms but also the root causes. It is only by addressing the underlying structural and systemic issues that we can truly create a lasting and sustainable solution.

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