Scene 13 - Rising Above The Chaos

The moment he surrendered himself to the Spirit of God and the Mission at hand, everything shifted in an instant. The Monsters and Beasts that a moment before had terrified and overwhelmed him now seemed somehow small and manageable. The decaying streets of Earth now looked redeemable. It was as if he had suddenly pierced the veil and entered the eye of hurricane, perfectly still, calm, and at peace in the eye of the storm. He realized that even in the midst of the Chaos, Darkness, and Evil, he could fearlessly laugh, dance, and play.

The moment the Spirit within him confronted and overcame the fear of the hell at hand, the Spirit enveloped him in a brilliant Light and shot him up beyond the Darkness and into a marvelous and brilliant light. Higher and higher they rose, leaving behind the Chaos and Darkness engulfing the city and landscape below. They rose up higher and higher, until Xion was hovering with the Spirit above the darkness in pure and glorious Light. It was infinitely peaceful. It was infinitely clear. It was infinitely beautiful. It was infinitely harmonious. It was infinitely perfect - it was the realm of the Spirit of God. From this new vantage point, the Spirit empowered him to see the entire scene in all its dimensions. The entire past, present, and future, laid bare in perfect detail across all dimensions of the Time and Space he used to inhabit stretched out before him.

The Spirit revealed to Xion a New Vision and Plan. He saw a New and More Perfect World, in-breaking and displacing the Old one that was passing away. A New Society where the people of Earth could once again live in peace and prosperity. He envisioned a society where the people of Earth would unite in harmony and right relationship with God and one another under a New Covenant, working together throughout the generations towards and ever-more-perfect world.

The Spirit also gave Xion a plan to confront and overcome the Darkness. Though difficult and dangerous, it was the only way to save the people of Earth from their own folly and the existential threat they had unleashed upon themselves.

Xion was frightened but empowered by an infinitely strong Courage and Love. He knew that since the Spirit had called and instructed him, it would also qualify and equip him to overcome the obstacles, enemies, and challenges that lay ahead. He understood that Courage was not the absence of fear, but the willingness to proceed despite it. He knew that if he did not do everything in his power to manifest the New Vision and Plan the Spirit had given him, he would be betraying the Spirit and his own soul.

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