Above The Chaos, Lionsberg Wiki Repairs and Update

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.17 (updated 2024.01.17)

A post in Above The Chaos

The Lionsberg Wiki is an artifact that will be hard to understand until later in The Story. As local AI emerges and the world connections, internet, and cloud shake, it will become evident why thousands of interlinked files stored on local devices in each bioregion, containing the plans and specifications for the New Era, and which can periodically sync up with one another is crucial.

Today we did some work fixing issues that required uploading a batch of files relating to the Constitution, a couple books, and other works in progress that I would not have otherwise uploaded due to their elementary / draft status.

However - life is too short and there is too much at stake to be embarrassed about Work In Progress.

The Lionsberg Wiki currently stands at 3,326 interlinked files, and 1,348,424 words.

For comparison, the Bible is about 1,189 chapters and 780,000 words, so it is a substantial work to grapple with.

If you find some things that look elementary, unfinished, or out of place, remember The Story of the Builder. Everything is a Work In Progress that is leading towards The Goal.

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