3.4 Supercharging Progress

If we were Elevating and Transforming towards our Best And Highest Potential in isolation, there would be a number of ways we could go about it.

However since it is impossible to reach the fullness of our Potential unless and until All things reach the fullness of thier Potential, there is only One Logos or Logic that solves the equation.

That is the Logic of Love.

The Logic of Love constrains and compels us to Elevate and Transform in a very particular Way:

By helping All do the same.

If All things Elevate and Transform by helping All things Elevate And Transform, incredible Synergetic powers are unleashed as all things accelerate One Another upwards towards The Goal.

In addition to being what Logically flows from the Spirit of Love, in a complex adaptive system of systems it is also very near the definition of Goodness: that we Help, and do not Harm, All elements of the System we Interact with.

Therefore the Logos that supercharges Progress in the Meta Quest towards The Goal is:

We PROGRESS by Elevating and Transforming

FROM: Our current State of Being

TO: Our Best And Highest Potential

BY: Helping All do the same


The Meta Quest can be thought of as the Meta Movement of All things towards The Goal through Love.

This very closely maps to the timeless understanding that the spiritual element in the universe is that which moves us towards Unity through Love.

Love is the Logic of the Way towards The Goal.

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