How Now Shall We Govern Ourselves?

The amazing thing about the New is that because it is New, we can attempt to act out and implement anything we could imagine. We can decide to play any game we want to.

So we resolved to attempt to do our best to not repeat the failed mistakes of history, to not accept at face value any of the Old solutions, and to attempt to forge a New Way.

We resolved that we would attempt to create a system that retained the best features and benefits of the Old, while simultaneously developing and adding the substantial New capabilities required to accomplish the Goal.

We further determined that the New System, if it were to succeed, would need to extend out, hear from, and lift up every being on earth.

We decided that it should be as perfectly True, Loving, Just, Wise, and Good as we could possibly make it.

And recognizing that We Do Not Know, we built it to eternally elevate and transform towards The Goal.

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