1.3 The Purpose and Goal

The purpose of the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative is to provide a comprehensive framework for the holistic development of individuals, groups, organizations, and communities, enabling them to unlock their full potential and contribute to the greater good. Guided by the Central Animating Spirit of One Love, the Initiative aims to foster a global culture that values interconnectedness, compassion, and mutual support, and is committed to the collective journey towards universal flourishing and harmony, which is The Goal.

The Goal of the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative is to create a world in which:

  1. All beings have the opportunity to experience personal and collective growth, realizing their unique potential and contributing to the Greatest Good.
  2. A diverse and inclusive global community thrives, united by shared vision, values, principles, and aspirations.
  3. The interconnected nature of existence is understood and embodied, and the importance of nurturing the well-being of individuals, groups, and the Living System is recognized.
  4. Lifelong learning, continuous transformation, and adaptation are embraced as essential components of the journey towards universal flourishing and harmony.
  5. Collaboration, mutual support, and reciprocity form the basis of relationships and interactions, enabling all participants to access the resources and opportunities necessary for their development and growth.

By achieving The Goal, the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative aspires to create a harmonious, thriving, and regenerative world, where every individual, group, and community can flourish in alignment with the Central Animating Spirit and contribute to the ongoing transformation of our planet and its inhabitants.