3.13 Co-Creating Our Forward Looking Story

Our Forward Looking Stories are co-created with the society and context that surrounds us.

Ideally, we want to co-create a Forward Looking Story about Where We Are Going and Who We Are Becoming...

...that works for us...

...works for our society...

...and pragmatically puts us in a position where we most likely to be able to confront and overcome the obstacles, and capture the opportunities, that are standing in our Way.

A significant constraint upon which of the total set of potential Stories we choose to Embody and Enact is the mandate that it has to be the Story most likely to actually work to accomplish The Goal.

Our imagination can soar, and then must return to the very balanced, pragmatic point of a Story that might work and can actually be Enacted.

This requires the ability, of every Living System, to Imagine, Differentiate, Discern, Judge and Target, between the total array of Potential Aims, Stories, and Patterns Of Action that could be Embodied and Enacted.

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