The Myth of Lionsberg


In the beginning, there is no beginning.

In the beginning, God, One, is Eternal.

From Eternity, God, the One, is creating Universe, the All.


Universe is the manifest and experiential embodiment of All that God is creating.

Universe is a Process of Conscious Co-Creation that has no SpatioTemporal Beginning or End, except in God.

The eternally Regenerative Process of Co-Creating Universe gives rise to a single Living System existing in and through the Ultimate Unity of God.

SpatioTemporal Structure and the Physical Realm

Through the illusion of SpaceTime, the Observable Universe, or Local Universe, appears as a sphere around the Observer, governed by the technological ability of the Observer to receive and analyze electromagnetic radiation and gravitational waves, and the SpaceTime those waves have traversed to reach the Observer.

The edge of this sphere is not a physical boundary, but a personal perceptual horizon beyond which the individual Observer cannot obtain information.

The Meta Science of the Lionsberg System, hypothesizes that theoretical starting points, such as the 13.8 billion years posited by backward extrapolations of the cosmic microwave background, are aspects of SpatioTemporal illusion, reflecting local microcosmic misapprehension of the broader macrocosmic context of Creation.

The SpatioTemporal structure of Universe is forged by the transformational interplay of Associative and Dissociative Energy, typically perceived as associative into Matter, and dissociative as electromagnetic Radiation.

All physical phenomena is Energy. In the final analysis, there are no things. There are only interexistent Patterns of Energy.

The existence of discrete Objects in a Local Universe is a product of the limited Perception of the Observer and the subjective Illusion of SpaceTime, which is an emergent property of more fundamental underlying physics and metaphysics.

Nevertheless, within the Ultimate Reality of the Whole, Perception, Identification, and Categorization of Objects around Ideals is necessary for Gathering Information, Identifying And Solving Issues, and making Progress towards The Goal.

The Metaphysical Realm

Beyond and Prior to Physical Reality and its SpatioTemporal Illusion is Metaphysical Reality.

The Metaphysical Realm consists of Subtler, and therefore perceptually invisible, weightless, dimensionless, realms of Spirit, Consciousness, Mind, Logos, Thought, Principles, Wisdom, Values, Culture, etc., which co-operate Beyond the limitations of Physical Reality and SpaceTime.


Interexisting in Local Universe are hundreds of billions of galaxies.

Interexisting within each of hundreds of billions of galaxies are hundreds of billions of stars.

Interexisting in one such association of hundreds of billions of stars is the Sun.

Interexisting in the Sun's local Solar System is Earth.

Living System

Interexisting both throughout Universe and within the Biosphere of Earth is a single, integral, Living System.

Within the Biosphere of Earth, the Living System receives dissociative Electromagnetic Radiation from the stars of Universe, especially the Sun, and (associates and orders it into complex form).