14.2 A Simple Recipe For Beginning

Here is a simple recipe for setting your feet on the Way towards The Goal.

What to do is that which requires doing in order to fulfill The Goal, which no one else seems to be doing, and which you are uniquely gifted to do.

Do what pragmatically needs to be done so that you, your community, and everything that surrounds you can progress towards The Goal.

Look both at your own life and the community that surrounds you. What needs to be transformed? Which are you capable of doing, which would create the greatest Impact?

Gather some people and resources together, apply a Pattern of Transformation, and then observe the result. Apply a second Pattern of Transformation to the result of the first transformation, and once again observe the result. How are things changing? How are things growing? How are things moving?

The more energy, people, and resources you can focus on identifying what needs to be transformed and transforming it, the more exponentially we will all begin accelerating upwards towards The Goal.

The more transformational Power you exert to confront and overcome Challenges and Obstacles that stand between life and its Goal, the more you will become the kind of heroic being who can confront and overcome any challenge or obstacle.

If you don’t have a better idea:

  • Go for a walk around your community.
  • If you see some trash, clean it up.
  • Pull some weeds.
  • Prune the broken and dead branches off the tree so its beauty and new life can shine through to all those who pass by it each day.
  • Clean the spider webs off the town sign.
  • Beautify the entrance to your community as a blessing to all who enter.
  • Help someone who is injured or hungry.
  • Walk alongside an elderly person, carry their load, and ask them about what they have learned in life.
  • Put a new net on the community basketball hoop.
  • Repaint the stripes on the community basketball court, and while you have your painting supplies out, touch up the trim on your elderly neighbors home.
  • Skim the oil and chemicals off the top of the pond that the animals drink from in the evening.
  • The next day, start working your way upstream to see if you can identify the source of the pollution.
  • If you see some idle kids on the side of the road, invite them to help!
  • Find the source of the pollution, and partner with them create a solution that works better for all.
  • If they are unwilling to partner, that is a gift as well. You now have the opportunity to confront and overcome the dragon of “the one who willfully poisons the water of life”. That is a good species of dragon to learn how to overcome.

If we take pride in our communities and put ourselves to useful service, there is so much to be done! We may not have the money to pay ourselves, but remember, we are only entitled to our labor, we are not entitled to the fruit of our labor. Instead of waiting around until we can prostitute ourselves out to do what someone else wants us to do in exchange for their money, let’s start today doing in the community what we see would create the greatest value, benefit and transformation for all, and see how the universe recognizes and rewards those who move life and society towards its Goal.

If you give yourself away in service of All that surrounds towards you, to help it progress towards the universal Goal, you are fulfilling the universal Law of Love.

Take the baton, run well, and then pass the baton, all in Love and service of the Whole.

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