14.3 Rediscovering Our True Selves

When we do what we see needs to be done, and which no one else seems to be doing, and we take Responsibility for doing it in service of the Creator and All Creation, expecting nothing in return, we progressively rediscover who we really are. We rediscover our passion, our joy, our purpose.

We begin to rediscover our True Selves, which can only be revealed through voluntarily taking on the responsibility, trials and suffering inherent in forthrightly confronting and overcoming that which stands in the Way.

We begin to remember and know who we are… not who we are today, but who the knowing that makes us a self today is…

There is something far deeper and more powerful underneath the shell of who we think we presently are.

Waiting… longing to emerge and manifest the fullness of its Self.

Embody it. Allow itself to manifest through you.

Do not Fear.

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