14.4 Creative Right Action Expecting Nothing in Return

If we are focused on our false selves and what we will personally get in return for participating in individual and collective right action, we are not fit for the calling.

That is the Old mindset of Employee Consumer Slaves.

We come into the earth naked and helpless, and we leave the earth without even the physical body we brought into it.

During our brief physical experience here on earth, we are entitled to love, to do what is right, to transform, and to be transformed. Not for what we will receive, but because it is our sacred responsibility as conscious and enlightened beings In Service To the One.

The noble warrior does not rush around trying to measure, control, and own the fruit of her action. She walks in power, creates in power, does what is right, establishes healing, abundance, and regeneration for all, and trusts that enough will come back to her. She seeks first The Goal, and trusts that everything else will be added unto her.

This is the Way.

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