1.7 Choosing A Worthy Aim

The foundational step of establishing a proper relationship between our consciousness, brain, and Autonomic Nervous System is to choose a worthy aim or goal to pursue.

As we will discover later, this Worthy Aim can be scaled down to an astonishingly small size if necessary. While the amount of positive emotion you can experience is directly related to 1) how much responsibility you take on, and 2) the worthiness of your goal, reaching those heights takes time.

Even a tiny exertion, towards a very small goal, is enough to get started.

In the beginning, all that matters is that you have a valued goal or milestone within your immediate reach that you can consciously move towards, even if it is simply emptying an overflowing trash can, washing 3 dishes, or organizing one small corner of your desk.

The reason an Aim is so important is because we are inherently Beings In Motion, moving away from pain, suffering, and dysfunction, and towards something Better. It is impossible to remain Where We Are.

Our entire emotional and nervous systems are wired to help us Navigate this Quest towards our Goals. Just as it is extremely difficult to steer a parked car or balance on a bicycle or surfboard that is not moving, it is virtually impossible to be a balanced being if we don't know Where We Are Going and Why.

As long as we remain stuck, aimless, and goalless, we will remain mired in Negative Emotion and devoid of Positive Emotion.

Understanding Where We Are Going and Why, and beginning to make some small Progress forward, no matter how small, is the key to establishing a foundational balance of being. This balance, in turn, allows the balance of energy in our Autonomic Nervous System to regulate itself relative to our Progress and Environment.

As Progress manifests, the path towards The Goal becomes more clear, positive emotion will begin to flow, and one small surge of positive emotion can lead to another if we keep advancing towards our goal.

The key is to keep advancing. Moment by moment. Step by Step. Towards Where You Are Going and Why.

At the end of this book, we will walk you through a simple process to choose the smallest positive forward movement you are capable of and willing to make, and how to use that tiny bit of progress to begin transforming the balance and flow of energy in your Autonomic Nervous System.

For now, let's develop an intuition for what it feels like to be in motion on a quest towards a small or large goal we value.

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