1.6 Balance And Flow Of Energy In The System

All systems including your mind and body have a balance and flow of Energy. If you are curious about the intricacies of your body's makeup, The Book of Lionsberg addresses this in section 7.9 The Mystery Of The Microcosm and throughout the rest of the chapter.

In this book on overcoming anxiety, fear, and depression, we will focus on three fundamental elements within the complex-adaptive system of a human being:

  1. Consciousness
  2. Brain
  3. Autonomic Nervous System

We will primarily examine the flows of energy and information in and between these systems.

The energy flow within the Autonomic Nervous System should ideally be balanced and optimized for the reality are experiencing at any given moment. The reality we are experiencing is "known" based on the flow of information between Spirit, Brain, and Body.

The balance of energy in the Autonomic Nervous System can be considered along two basic dimensions:

  1. Calmness vs. Alertness (the system's energy level)
  2. Anxiety vs. Exploration (the extent to which we are in fight or flight mode, or curious exploration mode)

The first dimension deals with the system's activation level, while the second dimension concerns whether the energy is directed towards anxiety, threat, defense, and retreat, or a consciously forward-moving exploration and curiosity.

The system's energy balance at any given time can be conceptualized along a continuum ranging from complete calmness to full alertness.

In a state of alertness, our entire being is primed for action and ready to move. In a state of calm, we are relaxed, present, and at ease.

At one end of the continuum is deep, uninterrupted sleep. At the other end is what we experience as a panic attack.

The ideal state we want to achieve is the ability to consciously and properly modulate between calmness and alertness, with our alert periods propelling us forward towards goals that we value and desire.

Ideally, our level of calmness or alertness, and anxiety vs. exploration, should be balanced appropriately relative to the threats or opportunities in our environment at any given time. However, this balance doesn't always occur automatically. Often, it must be consciously co-created and forged. This is why it is crucial to understand that you are not your mind, and you are not your body. You are the force that can consciously shape and guide your body, your mind, and your reality.

We often experience our Autonomic Nervous System as either under-energized or over-energized, or leaning towards anxiety or exploration in a manner that feels disproportionate to the reality at hand.

To confront and overcome this, we must voluntarily use our Consciousness to adjust the balance and flow of energy in the system.

Balancing the energy of our embodied system is within our Domain Of Responsibility And Authority, and we possess Conscious Agency in this area.

The most important step to begin this process of consciously modulating and regulating our feelings and emotions is to set ourselves in motion towards a Worthy Goal.

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