1.5 You Are Not Your Body. You Are Not Your Thoughts.

We use the terms Embodiment and higher Consciousness because, in order to rise above the chaos and suffering of our present state, we must learn to transcend our own suffering and realize that we are not our body, and we are not your thoughts.

We have a body.

We have thoughts.

But we, in the most profound and meaningful sense, are something different and Beyond those.

Your True Self is far deeper and far higher than your body or your thoughts.

You are the entity capable of rising up, consciously observing, and guiding your body and thoughts. You are the entity capable of consciously navigating your being towards its Destiny.

From that highest perspective, let us examine our present embodiment and see if we can uncover the mechanics of what is happening, and how we can make some adjustments to the System so that it serves us better on our Quest towards The Goal.

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