4.19 Orienting

Orient. Orienting.

When we find our Selves Thrown into a strange place, we are outside the Known.

Our Systems will be on high alert.

The first thing we will do, without even thinking, is to ascertain whether we are safe by searching out and analyzing our surrounding. Our bodies and Minds will not allow us to rest until we have determined whether we have been dropped into a safe place, or into a pit of snakes and lions and wolves.

Your Body and Mind will be in a state of alarm and all Systems will be on high alert, as new anomalies in your new Reality collide with the Frameworks that you formerly thought you were occupying.

Your Orienting and Defense systems and reflexes will switch on.

You will be on high alert, primed for action, as your mind searches out and Attends to each anomaly that presences itself to you.

Very primally, these anomalies will be perceived as Threats or Opportunities, or quickly discarded and ignored as neutral and therefore irrelevant.

The Right Hemisphere of your Mind will be searching out expansively to Perceive the entire Gestalt around you.

It will be passing information over selectively to the Left Hemisphere of your Mind, which will be parsing that Perception of the Whole down into small understandable pieces that can be potentially comprehended and acted upon, and used to update and Conform its Map to its new Reality.

Through this process, it is critical to breathe, to stay aware, and to not allow your lower order primal systems to grab access to the executive control center of your present Embodiment.

Stay present with the unmoving and unshakeable One.

As you breathe and Perceive What Matters, as you Orient, you will gain an accurate Analysis of Where You Are.

This is the Point A that can be contrasted and analyzed against the Point B of Where You Are Going.

Next it is time to Engage, Plan, Adapt and Move - away from Suffering and Towards The Goal.

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