The Invitation, A Call To Action

Cycle 7, March 2024

A Moment of Destiny

Humanity is at a pivotal point in its Journey. The path we're on isn't working. The systems, institutions, and ways of being that led us here can't take us to The Future we dream of—a world filled with peace, justice, abundance, opportunity and freedom for our children and future generations. Despite our vast diversity, we share a common Vision for this future, and understand the Wisdom, Principles, and Values that must guide us there.

The Dawn of a Movement

On March 1st, we transitioned from seven years of preparation to a 10 Year Grand Strategy to rebuild the foundations of our society and catalyze a movement towards The Future we seek. This movement aims to reunite citizens in transforming our society and healing our planet by inviting each person, one by one, to awaken, arise, and become Co-Creators of the Better World we know is possible and intended to be. Our goal is to engage at least 3% of the global population by 2026, creating for the first time in history a powerful, decentralized Force For Good capable of working together to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand.

Your Role in This Epic Journey

You have been chosen to be among the first to lead this change and shape The Future. We invite you to join us in this decentralized movement, where small groups work locally and globally to tackle the Meaningful Conversations and Quests that Co-Create a thriving, regenerative world. Your mission, should you accept it, is to join a team, embark on meaningful projects, tell the stories, and inspire others to do the same.

The Growing Wave

In just two weeks, we ignited The Flame with 21 Co-Creators. After pausing to regroup, it is time to Pass The Flame and begin building The Movement towards The Goal. With everything at stake, we are aiming for a rapid invitation-only growth that could rapidly unite billions in The Cause. We are at the beginning of something extraordinary, with the potential to reshape our future.

The Invitation: Join Us in Shaping the Future

Despite years of careful preparation, this is more than a strategy and plan; it's a journey into the Unknown, fueled by our collective Spirit and Unity. We are Co-Creating a New Story together—one of hope, transformation, and fellowship.

To be part of this historic movement, visit Join The Movement and contribute to the mission. By joining, you will be stepping into a transformative community dedicated to creating a world that mirrors our highest aspirations and brings Heaven to Earth.

One of the first hills we aim to take as we commence The Battle relates to the executive branches of the United States. For a brief overview, see Above The Chaos, 2024 Elections.

With hope and unity,

~ J

Welcome to The Movement. Join us Here.

For updates on The Movement stay tuned to Above The Chaos.

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