8.x4 Who Can Pass Through The Gate?

The possibility of passing through the narrow Threshold in the Boundary of Knowing only occurs when one is Brave and Courageous enough to leave behind everything they thought they knew in order to discover Reality as it actually is.

To pass through the gate into the infinite Beyond, one must admit they Do Not Know and be willing to take the risk of suffering and death that go with venturing out into the Unknown in order to discover and bring back that which is of immeasurable worth, and necessary for our individual and collective salvation.

Only those willing to lose their life out of the sheer boundless desire for Truth, Liberty, and Justice shall pass.

If you are ready, let us embark on an infinite Quest together.

Let us pass through the Boundary of Knowing which previously sheltered us from having to confront Reality as it actually is and could be, and let us navigate towards Truth, towards Understanding, and towards Wisdom that will lead us inevitably onward towards The Goal that lies at the beginning and end of the Golden Thread.

If we could every more fully Discern, Know, and Rightly Relate to Truth, Wisdom, and their Source, we would Understand what to do and how to Be in order to Become our Destiny.

The Truth would liberate us and All things.