10.27 Properly Ordered Beings In A Properly Ordered Structure In A Properly Ordered Living System

Our only hope for flourishing and abundant life is to become properly ordered beings, in properly ordered structures of society, in a properly ordered Human System, in a properly ordered Living System.

Sovereign and properly ordered beings, in a sovereign and properly ordered "tribes" and “states”, properly related to All elements of the Living System, properly related to the One Meta Sovereign that is creating and sustaining it All.

This Freedom will be nothing like the extractive selfish freedom of individualistic capitalism, nor the false freedom under state control offered by communism.

This state will be nothing like the authoritarian and corrupt state of nations.

It will be an environment designed and built by fully enlightening consciousness, and suitable for fully enlightening consciousness to flourish in harmony with the Creative One, One Another, and all Creation.

The New World is one in which we understand and apply the Universal Law of Love in partnership with the Creative One and One Another to ensure that every element of our lives and our world, from highest level concept to lowest level detail, are brought into Harmony with the Designer's Intent.

A global Meta Community of sovereign local communities and sovereign individuals, bringing the totality of its production, consumption, and voting decisions into alignment with an eternally regenerative Logos of Life and Love will transform the Way our economy, our society, our species, and our planet functions..

The New World is one in which we renew, elevate, and bring to bear the fullness of science, technology, and best practices to collaboratively design and build a future that works better for us all, and for all creation. It is one in which we reduce Waste and increase the Value in everything we do, all relative to The Goal. It is one in which we share and cross pollinate tools and knowledge to help one another, rather than competitively weaponizing them against one another.

It is one where we ensure that every working and consumption decision we make is consistent with The Goal and bringing into existence the New World, rather than perpetuating the Old World.

It is actually far more simple than we think. If we place the Creative One and our universal Quest back at the center of our focus, attention, and relationships, and begin building and progressing together towards the universal Goal, everything will fall into place.

As it has been said, "Seek First the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you."

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