10.26 Systems And Structure Inform And Transform Individuals

Unless we are are not. How weak, easily swayed, and short lived the human is!

For all but the most Good and the most Anti-Good, surely it is not the Individual but the Structure that prevails, informs, and transforms the individuals who pass through it.

While the structure does not change the core DNA trying to express itself, it does determine which genes are turned on and off, and how the emergent life expresses itself in mutual adaptations relative to all the realities of the time and place into which it is expressing itself.

To a very great extent, the physical and metaphysical environment shape, inform, and transform the individual life manifesting within it.

Life can only express itself in direct proportion and relationship to the Environment in which it is attempting to manifest itself.

Recognizing the synergetic dance that environment and the individual engage in as they co-create the manifestation of both environment and individual, and recognizing the fundamental unity and inextricable links between the two…

We must continuous elevate and transform the systems and structures that inform all individual expression, and we consciously elevate and transform ourselves.

We co-create our Reality.

Our Reality co-creates us.

This is back to the Reciprocal Opening. The Spiral Upward and the Spiral Downward.

It is the universal Both And.

All things must transform them Selves to properly embody the Logos, so that the Logos is properly manifest in and through all things, so that All things can Spiral Upward together towards their Potential.

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