5.20 The Fallacy of 90-10

The builders of the Old World built an Old System in which approximately 90% of all human activity was Waste that clogged the System and hindered throughput of The Goal.

They chained them All to the system, and goaded them on.

They then encouraged them to give 10% of their time, energy, and resources to try to fix the problems they were creating with 90% of their energy, and told them this was the source of eternal meaning and salvation.

Only the very religious or generous actually gave 10%.

Most were far too distracted or desperate.

In reality, the total system ended up with about 2% of the energy and resources attempting to treat the symptoms and injustices created by 98% of the energy and resources.

In hindsight, this was not a wise or logical design.

Yet it was nearly impossible to see from within the matrix.

It was only in retrospect, looking back from Beyond, that these things become horrendously apparent.

How had we been so blind?

How had we been so deceived?

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