8.7 The Sixth Stanza

After the fifth epoch, the River of Life had flooded the earth, and it was Good.

In the sixth stanza of the Creation song, the highest forms of life come into being, capped off by the emergence of a unique being unlike any other, and yet one with them.

Human Beings.

Conscious cultivators, guardians, and stewards of the earth. Endowed with Creative Consciousness, and equipped with the Power to consciously create and destroy.

Through the rational progression of epochs and Divine Logic, the Universe was brought forth in Order, emanating from and sustained by One.

It was all Sacred, and it was all very Good. The forces of Creation and the Universal Laws were established, written throughout all Creation, written on our hearts, embedded in our Consciousness, and set in irreversible and ongoing creative motion.

Guiding all things towards their Destiny. Guiding all things towards The Goal.

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