10.16 The Reintegration Of The Human System And The Living System

For a brief moment in The Story, humanity separated itself from Nature and went to war with her, forgetting that it was one with her.

It is not wise to war with the universal mother, or its Source and Sustainer.

Just below the Meta System in the Order of Systems is the total Living System of all life, including the Human System.

The Human System is presently out of alignment and at war with the Living System, that is in essence the collective body of collective consciousness.

Therefore perhaps the most immediate priority to ensure that consciousness does not destroy itself is to consciously reintegrate the Human System with the Living System so that both can flourish.

When this happens, humanity will be consciously partnering with the Creative One and all Creation in the great Quest of All things towards The Goal.

So how can we build up towards that, without creating a Totalitarian disaster?

The answer lies in Free Will, and the voluntary integration and alignment of Systems in an organic and non-fragile way.

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