Lionsberg Invitation v.0.1

Fellow Citizen,

We are part of an emergent Community, System, and Approach called Lionsberg.


The purpose of Lionsberg is inspire, enable, and empower the citizens of Earth to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis in all its dimensions, and co-create the better future all people of Goodwill aspire to.


To accomplish this, we are inviting citizens of good intent to come together around our shared intention, principles, and values, and begin working together to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities at hand. We are facilitating this by connecting, empowering, and aligning a decentralized confederation of structurally connected groups around the world.


Lionsberg is an independent and transcendent system, ecosystem and movement that is not part of or subordinate to any existing institution, party, or ideology. It was founded, funded, and purpose-built by Jordan Nicholas Sukut and a network of allies to meet this moment in history.

Invitation to First Two Membership Cohorts

The first two membership cohorts, one international and one emerging out of Kenya, are embarking on the Lionsberg Orientation and Training Process the week of May 21st.

Membership in Lionsberg is invitation only. Invitations to subsequent membership cohorts will be issued by members of the first cohorts.

You are receiving this invitation because you have expressed interest, and are being personally invited by Jordan to join the Pioneer Membership Cohort. Our Quest will be to venture out together into the Unknown, confront and overcome obstacles and challenges as they presence themselves, and forge the roadways, bridges, and infrastructure that will make it easier for The Movement of all future groups to progress together towards The Goal.

The adventure will be challenging, daunting, and disorienting at times, especially for the pioneers. If successful however, our work has the potential to transform our lives and our world in meaningful and profound ways.

Response Requested by 10AM Wednesday May 23rd

If after reading the link below you would like to join the Pioneer Membership Cohort and take up the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities that will emerge as a result, please respond to Jordan by text, WhatsApp, Signal, or email by 10AM on Wednesday May 23rd.

Asynchronous Orientation and Training Begins Thursday May 24th

For those who respond affirmatively, the first 12 week Lionsberg Orientation and Training Process will begin in a decentralized and asynchronous manner on Thursday May 24th to lay the groundwork for subsequent expansion. Each participant will be empowered to work through the knowledge and concepts at their own pace, with facilitated opportunities to come together for discussion, clarification, and collaboration.

Emergent Groups

In parallel with the orientation and training process, we will solidify and operationalize the emergent groups that are forming around various topics and themes.

Special Session on Structuring and Federating Emergent Groups Friday May 25th

In response to informal Requests For Guidance from multiple groups, we will hold special sessions on Structuring and Federating Emergent Groups on Friday May 25th at 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM. This will create two different opportunities for learning and collaboration, leading to each group designing and implementing their own unique plan over the following weeks, while sharing learnings, challenges, and solutions with one another.

Special Consideration

In particular, please consider:

  1. The Design Intent to forge a structurally connected Lionsberg Community and Federation that will pursue opportunities through a network of self-governing, stewardship-based enterprises and groups around the world, each contributing 10% of the flow of time, energy, attention, and resources we generate back to continuously improve the shared infrastructure, resources, relationships and support empowering the decentralized confederation of groups and initiatives.
  2. The reality that many relational and economic opportunities will emerge as a consequence of this association, the right of members to self-organize to pursue ideas and opportunities that arise in a decentralized manner, and the responsibility to pursue those opportunities through new or existing groups that are structurally connected and aligned to the emerging Lionsberg federation. This is critical to the Design Intent of #1 above, and to bringing into existence a unified and functional body.
  3. To ensure accessibility for all citizens of goodwill regardless of their circumstances, the Lionsberg System, Community, and Commons are being made freely available to all participants. In order to support, sustain, and advance the Community and Commons, all Participants are requested freely contribute back a Reciprocal Monthly Contribution in the context of the Lionsberg Honor System to maintain reciprocal right relationship.

Additional Information and Foundational Agreements

For additional information and access to the Field of Agreements that will govern our Quest at the outset, please see Jordan's travel log from The Lionsberg Experience - Day 9.

Forthcoming Draft of Constitution

In addition to the Participation and Membership Agreements, we are nearing completion of the v0.1 draft of the Lionsberg Constitution for review, collaboration, and co-creation.

This Field of Agreements establishes the basis for subsequently co-creating and governing all aspects requisite for a fully diverse-yet-unified, functional, and coherent Lionsberg Body.

With Love, Faith, and Hope,

~ J