Above The Chaos, January 2024 Letter to Friends, Loved Ones, and Network

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.29 (updated 2024.02.14)

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Dear friends, loved ones, and allies,

As most of you are aware, from 2020 through 2023 our life transformed dramatically. If you are interesting in catching up, Jordan's Short Story provides a broad overview of our path to date and the battles and transformations over the last years as we laid down our old life and were reborn into this new season.

I know each of you are also living through your own story of tragedy and triumph, suffering and joy, as our world shakes and resets.

As we wake up in January 2024, we find ourselves still alive, refined by fire, and facing into the extraordinary privilege of starting anew and doing all we can to meet this crucial moment in history.

I am writing this letter to reconnect with old and new relations, share my heart, vision and passion, and invite those who resonate into a new season of community and right relationship.

To hear more about my best understanding of where we are, what is at stake, and the pathway into the future I have been attempting to forge, please see Jordan's January 2024 Manifesto. It covers the risks I perceive, the difficult struggles and learning process over the last years, and an invitational vision, strategy, and plan for the future.

I am deeply concerned and am sacrificing everything because I believe that we are collectively accelerating down a trajectory that will devastate every one of our families unless we change course. I hope you are willing to take the time to read, listen, and consider for yourself, your family, and your community what is required in response. For the few who may want to read more beyond the manifesto, I have articulated more detail in the series of Lionsberg Wiki Books that are in progress and available free online.


If you would like to stay in relationship and help one another as we progress into 2024, please respond to me via email at J@Lionsberg.org, or better yet visit www.JordanNicholas.org and click Join The Movement to structurally connect and help establish public support for the Vision and Mission.

My deep desire is to forge out of those who resonate a persistent and growing community / Force For Good, advancing together towards The Goal.

I will most likely attempt this by establishing a simple membership organization to connect and empower those who resonate.

Because we are rapidly approaching the end of our personal resources, the response to our outreach and prayers week by week will determine our next steps, and we will look forward to sharing those with you as they become visible.

Come what may, it is a joy and an honor to know you.

With Love, Passion, and Conviction,

~ J

Please respond to J@Lionsberg.org or visit www.JordanNicholas.org and click Join The Movement to structurally connect and support the Mission.