Raising A Standard - A Manifesto, A Vision, and a Plan

(2023.04.14 Draft For Continuous Improvement)

Bottom Line Up Front:

This is an invitation to the inception of the Lionsberg Platform and The Great Game of Lionsberg.

  1. Read the Lionsberg Manifesto
  2. Fill out the Manifesto Response Form
  3. Explore the New Vision and Plan
  4. Join The Platform
  5. Prepare For The Great Transformation
  6. Spread The Word

If you get lost or don't have time, see the Lionsberg Introduction.

As reflected in The Story of the Builder, everything about Lionsberg is a collaborative Work In Progress. There are gaps, oversights, and missing pieces. We hope you will be willing to contribute your unique perspective and expertise to help improve and advance things.

This is an invitation not to a finished product, but to a pioneer group who will work together to test, improve, and expand The Vision, The Platform and The Movement.

Fellow Citizens,

We stand at a pivotal moment in history, facing the unparalleled threat of the Meta Crisis - a multifaceted enemy that jeopardizes the very foundations of our civilization, our liberty, and life as we know it. The choices we make now will shape the destiny of generations to come.

In these decisive moments, it is our sacred responsibility as Citizens to rise as a diverse yet united Force For Good, safeguarding the freedom and prosperity of our families, communities, society, and our precious planet.

Acknowledging that solutions to the Meta Crisis cannot emerge from the corrupt systems and structures that are creating it, we have diligently spent the last years laying the foundations for a historic Citizen Led Response through a purpose-built platform known as Lionsberg.

Now, as we enter The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity, we are inviting the public to review the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan - a bold, transformative and comprehensive strategy that empowers Citizens to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis at individual, local and global scales, charting a Way toward a regenerative, just, and thriving future. We are also unveiling a gamified substructure for The Movement called The Great Game of Lionsberg, along with the Lionsberg Platform designed and built to serve, strengthen, equip and unite the Force For Good.

This is not the time for division or complacency. We must stand together, harnessing our collective wisdom, strength, and resources to confront the challenges at hand and co-create The Future. We are setting forth a Vision, Strategy, Platform, and Plan of Action that we, the free Citizens of Earth, can immediately implement with No Dependencies to vanquish the Meta Crisis and forge a better world for our children, our grandchildren, and generations to come.

Raising the Standard

We are shifting to a war footing, Raising a Standard, and calling upon Citizens of Goodwill around the world to arise and unite to overcome The Threat we face and secure The Future we All desire.

This Standard may be found inadequate and insufficient, however we pray that our fellow Citizens will realize that the threats and opportunities at hand certainly will require no less.

We offer this Vision, Platform, and Plan up to the harshest of scrutiny and the brightest of light, in order to illuminate any flaws and find the best and highest Way to advance together. It is imperative that we begin, and this is what we have to bring to the table as a starting point. We invite feedback, improvements, and perspective from those who are eager to engage in joint solutions and action.

0ur Path

The New Vision, System, Platform, and Plan are intricate and require time for global presentation, analysis and adoption.

I will be speaking, traveling, building capacity, and raising resources to continue inspiring, connecting, and empowering The Movement toward The Goal.

To help secure the public awareness, mandate, resources, and executive authority required to counteract the enemy's strategies, defeat The Advance of The Giants, and implement the New Vision and Plan at national and international levels, I am running independently for US President in 2024.

We are planning to relocate out of Southern California this summer and are seeking a Home Base and Headquarters for the Mission. If you know of spaces, allies or resources that may be of assistance, we would appreciate an introduction.

A Call to Action

We call on every Citizen to join The Movement and The Battle for The Future and Integrity of life and society. The world needs you.

  1. Respond to The Invitation
  2. Read The Books
  3. Join The Platform
  4. Play The Game
  5. Prepare For The Great Transformation
  6. Spread The Word

What We Need

To advance meaningfully, we need to secure the Catalytic Resources required to forge a core team, continue development, and empower The Movement to advance. Our Ideal Target is $10M to $20M in philanthropic capital raised in April and May 2023 to enable The Game and The Battle to begin.

We recognize that this is an audacious target, however with life and society on the line integrity demands that we try.

Closing Encouragement

Get involved, connect with allies, spread the word, make a commitment, and the rest will follow.

It is with deep honor and respect that I extend this invitation to you. I believe in you, I believe in us, and I pray we can successfully progress together. United as One, anything is possible.

Please review the Lionsberg Manifesto and fill out the Manifesto Response Form now. Its time to move.

With Love, In Community,

~ Jordan

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