11.53 Empowered Co-Creation From the Bottom Up

Since the process of co-creating a Better World emerges from the bottom up, not the top down, according to the Pattern Language of the New World, there is no one to wait on.

You can begin applying the Patterns of Life today, and immediately begin transforming your life, your family, and your community towards flourishing and abundant life.

The Meta Project is waiting on us and calling us, today, to become co-creators, right where we are, with whatever resources we already have, in whatever domains we have already been entrusted with.

Even if we are sitting in prison in solitary confinement, we can begin today with transforming what we will always have Authority over and which no one can deprive us of, which is our Self.

Not the self that we know, but the knowing that makes us a Self.

We already know everything that is in this book, because this book flows from the same Spirit and Consciousness that is alive and longing to express itself through us.

The Spirit and Consciousness writing this book is present and alive within you.

There is nothing to wait for. No one to seek permission from. We are the Conscious Agents. We are the heroes we have been waiting for. Arise. Begin moving towards The Goal and helping all those around you move with you.

As you move, notice who is moving with you, and move with them. Forge or Join a Group. Engage in a Project. Pray. Read. Relate. Become.

The tsunami that covers the earth like floodwaters is not going to fall from heaven, it will arise from the ground, starting with us. Starting with you. Right where you are. Today.

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