3.10 Aiming High

If we must Aim, how high shall we Aim?

How high can we Aim?

How high can we conceive?

If we must Aim, towards what other Aim shall we consciously progress if not towards the Highet and the Best?

Why consciously settle for anything less, and thereby doom ourselves and All generations of Life to less success, less happiness, and less flourishing than would have been possible had we dared to dream and believe?

How high can we go?

If we are going to Aim, why Aim for anything short of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good?

Why Aim for anything short of the Most Worthy Ideal?

Why knowingly spend our lives in pursuit of anything less?

The Highest Intention, the Most Worthy Ideal, is The Goal.

If we Aim at its Source, we shall never err, even if we miss the mark.

As it is said,

"Be perfect, as [One] is perfect".

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