11. Spending Energy

Energy, once carefully gathered and cultivated, must be carefully Stewarded and exchanged in a Wise Right Way that produces Throughput of The Goal.

Giving Energy to (something) requires spending, or sacrificing, our Energy to Attend to (it).

It is a sacrifice to spend Energy on (something), because by doing so we forgo the opportunity to spend that energy in that moment on (something else).

What we "spend" our Energy on is a close relative that follows after the most important moral decision of what we Perceive and Attend to as a result of our Structure of Value.

When we spend Energy to accomplish Work (anything that must be done to achieve a result), we are operating a part of the cosmic machine that is designed to produce The Goal.

Work that produces Throughput of The Goal is Value. Everything else is Waste.

Waste is not neutral. Waste hinders Throughput of The Goal and therefore must be progressively driven out of the System.