4.0 Gathering Energy and Getting In Motion Towards The Goal

Once we become clear on Who We Are, Where We Are Going, and Why, it is time to get in motion towards The Goal.

The Way beyond fear, anxiety, and depression is one of Meaningful Action and Meaningful Work.

It requires that we get in motion towards a Worthy Goal. Towards something that matters. Towards something Better.

Action requires energy, and if you are lying in bed with the covers pulled over your head, gripped in panic, paralyzed by fear, or so depressed you are seemingly unable to rise, meaningful and engaged action can seem a distant dream.

So we are going to reach all the way down, to a state far worse than your own, and co-create a ladder, that if you so choose, you can begin climbing all the Way up towards your destiny.

It is going to start with the tiniest step imaginable. A step so small that even the most anxious, afraid, or depressed person on earth might be able to summon the strength to take.

And once that step is taken, every other step between you and your absolute best and highest Potential will become possible.

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