9. The Lionsberg Economic System - Stewardship-Based and Purpose-Driven

In Lionsberg, the economic system is based on the principles of stewardship and purpose. The main objective of the Lionsberg economy is to provide for the needs of Citizens while also protecting the natural environment and ensuring the long-term regenerativity of the community.

One of the key features of the Lionsberg economic system is the emphasis on local production, consumption, and sovereignty. This means that the majority of essential goods and services are produced and consumed within the community or bioregion, reducing the need for long-distance transportation, increasing local strength and resilience, reducing Dependencies, and empowering the bioregion to balance its relationship with the Living System locally. In addition, the community places a high value on regenerativity and ethical production and consumption practices, evaluating goods and services based on their holistic impact on the environment, society, economy, and ability of the community to progress in harmony towards The Goal.

Another important aspect of the Lionsberg economic system is the concept of purpose-driven and stewardship-based businesses. Businesses in Lionsberg are not solely focused on profit maximization or "shareholder returns", but rather optimize and balance towards the far higher Standard of their multi-generational impact on the ability of all their relations and stakeholders to progress towards The Goal. This approach to business ensures that the community's economic activity is fully aligned with its highest long-term Goals and Values, and helps to create a sense of shared ownership and purpose among all members of the community.

The Lionsberg economic system is also characterized by a high degree of distributed local responsibility, authority, and decision-making. The community has its own decentralized currency, which is used for local transactions and helps to keep wealth circulating within the community, while eliminating the ability of extractive currencies to control community life. Decisions about economic development and investment are made through local participation by the community as a whole, rather than by outside governments, investors or corporations.

The Lionsberg economic system also has a federal level, with stewardship based businesses contributing back to the shared infrastructure, services, and support that empower the entire diverse and distributed away of autonomous for-profit, non-profit, and hybrid entities, helping the entire community flourish and progress towards its Goals and Values.

Overall, the Lionsberg economic system is designed to promote the well-being of people and the natural environment, while also ensuring medium and long-term resilience and regenerativity. In short, it recontextualizes and subordinates capital and economy not as ends in and of themselves, but as means that must be optimized to produce Throughput of The Goal. By prioritizing local production and consumption, cultivating purpose-driven businesses, and distributing responsibility, authority, and decision making to the greatest extent possible, Lionsberg has created a unique and innovative approach to economic development that could serve as a model for communities around the world.

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