10.40 Embodying the Spirit Before Hardening the Systems

This is a critical point.

Humanity does not yet know how to properly Embody the Way of the One.

It cannot be articulated and imposed from the top down.

To Know the Way, one must live it.

This Way must genuinely arise from the Spirit, sovereignty, and Free Will of every individual.

It cannot be faked. It cannot be pretended.

Individuals must Practice the Way, learn how to embody it individually, learn how to embody it collectively, and learn how to train others in the Way.

The seed of the Way must sprout, come into life, be nurtured, cultivated, and carefully tended to.

If the Metaphysical DNA of the Way is properly sequenced and brought into form, this form will grow up into a mighty tree, that will multiply into a mighty forest, that will cover the earth like floodwaters of abundance.

Once you see and exist in the flourishing and abundant forest you will understand what it is.

Until you exist in and embody the forest, you are only guessing at the Way.

Beware that no one codifies the Way until we learn how to collectively Embody its Spirit. And its Spirit is not static. It is living, dynamic, and transformational. It changes with each generation of Life. It constantly elevates and transforms.

The Code and Pattern Language of the New World is One of continuously elevating, transforming, and conforming our Selves towards The Goal.

This requires identification not with any form or present embodiment, but with the universal and eternal Spirit that is guiding the subsequent transformations throughout the generations in All times and places.

It will only be after embodying it and living it that human beings will understand and be able to articulate what they are doing.

For now – simply liberate, elevate, and empower. Restore individual and local sovereignty, and empower people to embody the Way, in their own unique way, as we all converge towards the One.

A thousand false teachers and betrayers will arise and object to our progress in the Way towards the One.

They will claim they are the way. They will sow fear and repeat the Old lies of religion, empire, and oligarchy.

They will attempt to convert you to their way.

They will promise you safety. They will promise you eternal abundance. They will promise you escape from hell.

Do not be deceived. Do not follow them.

Stand in your own sovereignty, authority, and personal direct Right Relationship with One and All.

Look only to the One. Walk only in the nameless and eternal Way that transcends all named ways. The way that can be named is not the Way.

The Way will one day be embodied, understood and articulated into the New Constitution and New Law of the New World

However in this Way, the law is written on the hearts of each individual in a far more comprehensive and complete Way than it could ever be articulated in words. That is the entire point of the New Covenant.

As we all journey towards The Goal, Love, Help, and Do Not Harm One Another, and optimize for the One.

This is the only law and system we need in order to begin.

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