8.22 Mo Tzu

Mo Tzu (470 – 391 BC) taught that everyone is equal before Heaven, and that people should imitate Heaven by Embodying All Inclusive / Universal Love.

This universality and universal Love was the central element of his teaching, along with the principles of Justice, Pacifism, Frugality, Unity of Thought And Action.

He taught that leaders should obey the Will Of Heaven / Jodo, and that citizens should obey their leaders.

Officials should be appointed for the Public Good based on Virtue and Ability, and not Nepotism.

Mo Tzu’s teaching based on Love comes from the Chinese word Ai, and included a stricter emphasis on adhering to the Will Of Heaven, with Justice being served by Karma / Consequences.

This can be differentiated to a degree from the understandings of universal Love that lean towards forgiveness of sins and Mercy. Heaven is aware of every Sin or Crime, and loves Justice and hates Injustice.

Injustice leads to death, poverty, and Chaos, whereas Justice leads to life, wealth, and Order.

Though a martial artist, he taught that it was perverse for leaders to delight in warfare, and advocated for spending less on the military, and more on good Governance, following the universal laws of Justice, feeding the hungry, and ministering to the ill and vulnerable so that people could Flourish.

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