1.1 The Central Animating Spirit

The Central Animating Spirit of the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative is an expression of the deep, abiding, and unconditional Love that permeates the very fabric of existence. This Love that flows directly from the Source and Sustainer of the universe is the source of inspiration and motivation, and it drives the pursuit of universal flourishing and harmony for All beings.

The Central Animating Spirit is based on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent, and that our collective Potential can only be realized when each individual and locality is empowered to reach their highest potential. This Spirit is at the core of every belief system, faith, and philosophy that that values love, compassion, and interconnectedness.

In the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative, the Central Animating Spirit is experienced as an internal force, impelling, guiding and nurturing individuals and communities in their pursuit of personal and collective growth. It is the spark of Divine Love within each person, urging us towards greater self-awareness, self-actualization, and service to One and All.

By recognizing and honoring the One Central Animating Spirit that sustains and impels us, the Lionsberg Elevation Initiative aims to awaken and align the hearts and minds of individuals, groups, and communities around the world, fostering a shared commitment to Co-Creating a world in which all beings help one another flourish in harmony with one another, their environments, and their Source.