9.52 Who Has The Authority And Responsibility To Fix It?

There is nothing superficial about Truth, Love and Justice. They leave no room for averting the eyes.

Someone needs to do the hard work of going up into the caves, evicting the robbers, bringing them to Justice, and establishing the Authority of the One, the Rule Of Law, and the reign of Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom over the roadways of life.

So who has the Authority to implement the universal Rule Of Law and the reign of Peace and Justice on Earth, as it is in Heaven?

You do. We do. This gets right back to the issue of Sovereignty, Authority, and Right Relationship with the One.

You are a child of the King and Queen. If you see some little, illegitimate, corrupt nation state or army oppressing people, you, the individual have the responsibility to stand up, speak truth, and transform the situation.

The Way to fix it is to speak and embody the Truth.

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