Above The Chaos, Closing Season One, Entering Season Two

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.10.25 (updated 2022.10.25)

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Dear Friends and Allies,

Welcome, for those of you who desire to enter it together, into Season Two.

We have learned from our indigenous elders about the importance of honoring the opening and closing of seasons and cycles.

In April, we set out on a social experiment to explore the idea and reality that we are all, as a human species, engaged in a Meta Project that is bigger than any of us.

Over four 6 week cycles, two quarters, we learned a massive amount, advanced some critical infrastructure, and came to relative consensus on the wise right patterns of action, principles, and values to guide the way forward. We broadened and deepened relationships in the network, traveled and spoke internationally, and came to the point where we now have the opportunity to engage in many projects with many groups at many levels of scale - from sectors like regenerative agriculture, to water, to hard hit communities like Pokot Kenya, to nation states like Estonia and Scotland, to international convening in partnership with Future Capital and the UN.

We have expanded out our awareness of groups engaged in what we call the Meta Projectto hundreds of groups in dozens of countries, 170+ of which have connected to the technology platform we partnered with Open Future Coalition to bring into existence. If you haven't checked out the capabilities yet, you can explore the public facing version of it Here.

As the opportunities in the Meta Project presenced themselves around our fledgling experiment, the Meta Crisis deepened in the world, supply chains and institutions creaked, and Europe returned to war.

As crisis and opportunity expanded in September, we hit an energetic and practical wall where it became evident that without greater vision, structure, communication, and clarity, energy was leaking from the abstract space we were holding for the meta project.

It also became evident that we had to clarify and define the relationship between Jordan, Lionsberg, Meta Project, and the various groups and individuals relating to one another in various ways.

About 4 to 6 weeks ago, it became evident that those of us who wanted to facilitate the emergence and functionality of the ‘group of groups’ needed greater organization, structure, and clarity to hold the energy we were pouring in…

…and simultaneously it became evident that the broader ‘group of groups’ was not ready for higher order collaboration, and that ‘program management’ at the meta project level was not actually wise, right, or possible at this stage.

So here we are - face to face with a chasm between Where We Are and Where We Are Going. This is the process. This is the work. This is the learning. We are ready (albeit perhaps awkwardly), to develop into the next phase.

Now What?

What happens next in the story is that over the next years, thousands of unique groups around the world come together to meet the needs, solve the problems, and capture the opportunities at hand.

Our role is to never give up, and to keep learning how to facilitate the emergence of higher order functional unity among people and groups of goodwill around the world.

Closing Season One, Opening Season Two

I believe we have learned what we needed to learn from the first 4 cycles, and that we have come to a clear end of Season One, and to the start of a New Season that can be even more beautiful and far more effective if we choose to make it so.

As we look across the chasm that lies between where we are where we are going, each individual and group is going to have to choose for themselves what they feel is the wise right way to advance. If some choose to part ways for now, that is ok. We are heading in the same direction and can meet up again when the time is right.

As for me and my household, we will continue to serve One and All and believe that the only way for us to succeed and avoid failure is if we All succeed together.

For anyone who wants to attempt to cross this next chasm with me, as an infrastructure builder I have been working the last 5 years on the critical path to build the bridge / ark we anticipated might be needed at this point in the Story. Because of the lifetimes of work we brought together, my perception is that we actually accomplished far more than 5 years of work in that 5 years. I actually don’t think it would possible to do it again without many years and many millions of dollars, and we do not have time for that. It will be hard to explain why until later in the story.

So the only option I can see that might work is to rapidly advance and iterate forward the infrastructure we have prepared for this moment.

How To Cross This Chasm

I see 5 clear steps we can take to get across this chasm to the next phase of the quest.

Step 1: Core Lionsberg Group of 5 to 12 Individuals

Solidify a core group of 5 to 12 people to help rapidly iterate Lionsberg as a continuously improving community, platform, system, and legal “commons” in service of All. Shift from 6 week cycles to lean 2 weeks iterative cycles. I will use the fullness of my being to help hold the space for both being and doing, ensure pattern integrity, and provide clarity, vision, and leadership. (Structure in place, what is needed is 5 to 12 people to accept the invitation to deeper co-creation with Jordan and Lionsberg).

Step 2: Invite 5 to 20 Groups Into Relationship

Invite 5 to 20 groups, out of the 100s of groups already in the group of groups, into relationship with Lionsberg and one another (every group is sovereign and continues to govern and structure itself however it sees fit). (Structure in place, what is needed is 5 to 20 groups to accept the invitation to relationship with Lionsberg).

Step 3: Minimum Viable Super Mind

Establish the basic function of the Lionsberg | Mind - that can rhythmically take in communication signals regarding the state / opportunities / needs / emergence of each group, and represent a shared picture of the Whole and its various possible futures back out to the group.

Step 4: Minimum Viable Internal Communication System

Train the groups on a basic internal communication system that brings the group of groups into greater awareness and communication with one another, and allows Lionsberg and the group of groups to prioritize needs and help one another in any way that they can. (System in place - need to train and establish social norms and processes around use).

Step 5: Minimum Viable Broadcasting System

Establish a basic external broadcasting system to tell stories, celebrate successes and learnings, raise awareness, and identify new groups to invite into relationship. This also eventually becomes the tool to drive awareness, public engagement, crowd funding, etc.

Outcome And Value Creation

These next 5 steps would “pull” into existence a confederation / voluntary association of groups in minimum viable form, around a continuously improving community / platform / system stewarded in common for All, whose role was to love, serve, and empower by helping groups meet their needs, solve their problems, and capture the opportunities inherent in their unique story.

If we do a great job serving and empowering them, and inspiring more leaders and groups to connect, we will soon have a backlog of "demand" that we can progressively onboard at the Wise Right pace.

Value Created In Season One

I and Lionsberg will work with the 5 to 12 to wrap up the value, knowledge, and content we co-created in Season One and publish it to the Lionsberg Wiki so that everyone has access to it under Creative Commons licensing. Any value realized from it in the future will be transparently stewarded through Lionsberg for the good of all.

We will also pull it together into a presentation that can be used externally to communicate clearly with outside groups.

Value Created In Season Two

In Season Two, we will begin to experiment with a basic system to track our time and contributions. Everyone engaged will have a membership / stake / voice in whatever Value we co-create as we build on the Value created in Season One.

The Lionsberg System is designed up front with the potential and intention that 8 billion people are eventually invited into equal citizenship, rights, and responsibilities in a loving, just, and good System that reintegrates the human system with the living system.

Clarity and Expectations Around Jordan’s Time

I am working on this full time, and will focus my time in three primary places:

  1. External: Speaking / broadcasting / writing to inspire and identity other groups to connect to the system
  2. Internal: Working with the core Lionsberg team on strategy and system architecture / integrity, without drifting too far South into operations / execution.
  3. Internal: Holding space for community, relationship, “being”, discernment, emergence…

I will occasionally continue to visit and speak to other groups, but will primarily focus on working with the leaders of the groups in relationship with Lionsberg, and doing whatever I can each week to improve Lionsberg as a servant and empowerer of All.

Time is wasting, and I want to make sure that what I investing time and energy into actually has a chance to accomplish The Goal.

That requires getting out of the abstraction, and into discovering how we can Embody this together, in an identifiable structure properly stewarded for the Good of All generations of Life.

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