# Above The Chaos, 2023 August Update From Jordan

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2023.08.11 (updated 2024.01.16)

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I am writing you with a brief update to the 10 year strategy and plan we are pursuing to kick off a new era of human cooperation and right relationship .

As you know, over the last 5 to 7 years I have been attempting to lay the groundwork for a historic global movement to meet this moment in history by:

  1. Building the requisite legal and governance infrastructure
  2. Building the requisite technological infrastructure
  3. Building the requisite written infrastructure
  4. Building the requisite broadcasting infrastructure
  5. Traveling, networking, and convening
  6. Seeking Wisdom and Discernment
  7. Conducting a series of social experiments

The social experiments the last 18 months have repeatedly revealed that what I hoped would work will not, and we are out of time. So this summer I stopped, released the energy of the last experiments, and adjusted the battle strategy.

Spiritual War

The reality is that we are now locked in a crescendoing spiritual war for the future of life and society.

This spiritual war can only be won through the spiritual, intellectual, and moral effort of billions of individuals around the world.

An enlightened and transformed population of strong and responsible citizens united under God would not tolerate the existing state of parasitical corruption and decay gripping our society and its institutions, and would naturally co-create an entirely different reality for future generations.

The 7 Year Window

It remains my deep and growing sense that the present 7 year window between 2023 and 2030 may be the only opportunity in this generation, and perhaps generations to come, to liberate ourselves from the parasitical forces of darkness presently possessing the earth.

That liberation must occur in the hearts and minds of every individual on earth.

It is likely to be a time of great shaking and upheaval, and I would encourage everyone to diligently prepare themselves and their families. As one example, after careful prayerful consideration, we left California and are securing a home base in the mountains of Idaho.

The Critical Path

As a builders working to bring the Creator's Intent into Reality, it is our duty to focus resources on the Critical Path, which we again see clearly runs through the progressive enlightenment and transformation of human spirit and consciousness.

The difficult scheduling challenge is to aid this awakening and transformation in a way that leaves us positioned in 2025 to finish the war over the subsequent years.

The most direct path we can discern lies through catalyzing the universal transformation by simultaneously speaking and building a global movement, while getting to work locally here in the United States, resurrecting the Spirit of America as One Nation Under God, and securing the independence and integrity of the US Presidency and the resources it commands in the 2024 election cycle, which may be our final opportunity to reestablish the integrity of the American Experiment.

Successfully accomplishing that nearly impossible milestone over the next 15 months makes many subsequent steps possible.

The Basic Plan

The basic plan is to build an integrated system / flywheel that:

  1. Broadcasts The Message of Unity Under God and Stories of Transformation
  2. Invites those who resonate to respond (The Invitation)
  3. Invites those who respond into a transformational program of integrated wellbeing and development (The Program)
  4. Invites participants to forge a unified and transformational community composed of decentralized groups and teams (The Community)
  5. Encourages and empowers the community to transform their lives and their world The Transformation
  6. Invites the Community to share Stories of Transformation that expand the movement and engage the next 1% of the population

One of the principal focuses will be on taking responsibility and authority over our lives and our world via citizenship, civic responsibility, realigning our governments, and restoring proper governance.

This will require building the capability to get members of the movement elected to city, county, state, federal, and international positions around the world.

To lead by example, I am taking responsibility for running for US President and battling in federal court, and building the machine in such a way that it becomes capable of winning many court battles, and electing many aligned citizens throughout the land.

The Jordan and Lionsberg Brands

Because Lionsberg is presently not comprehensible or accessible, I am going to set it aside, leverage its purpose-built infrastructure, and lead with my personal brand.

The three fronts of battle described in last summer's public update remain the same - the main adjustment is leading with the campaign and court battle I can personally control and which are now urgent, and inviting the unity and collaboration to organically emerge in the wake of that energy and the transformational programming.

We hope this crucial adjustment will speed the process by forcing citizens to accept or reject me on the basis of Spiritual discernment and resonance, rather than a set of abstract ideas on the basis of intellect.

Everything we have discussed around Lionsberg and the Meta Project still needs to happen, and will happen as our transforming Spirit and consciousness impels us towards Unity with God and One Another through Love.

When the Mission and Goal is the Kingdom of God, On Earth As it Is In Heaven, it is eternal and unchanging.

Call To Action

If you believe, visit my website and Join The Movement now. That crucial step will help us establish public support for the Mission, and structurally connect us so that we can communicate directly without intermediation by Big Tech.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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