Why Integrated Delivery

This Integrated Program Delivery Guide is designed to do just that - to guide the integrated delivery of a program of action. But why should any large Program of Action be delivered on a lean and integrated basis?

The general answer is simple:

  • it will be better built,
  • with fewer injuries,
  • at a lower cost,
  • and faster speed,
  • with greater accountability,
  • greater transparency,
  • and greater ability to cope with uncertainty and change.

These results have been demonstrated around the world on projects large and small. These practices rest on solid, tested, conceptual and pragmatic foundations that lead to Continuous Improvement, cost savings, time savings, and better Quality.

This guide is being developed as a living document that describes how the Lionsberg Meta Project and associated infrastructure and systems will be designed, built, and operationalized. It also describes how any Sovereign individual, organization, or community can Participate as a free, autonomous and empowered agent of transformation.

The Guide is divided into four main sections that discuss:

1. Introduction

The general outline of the delivery method, and the background and philosophical approach guiding development of the Lionsberg Program.

2. Program Definition:

How the global program of action was developed and what it entails, including a description of the planning and pre-build activities completed for the Program.

3. Project Delivery

How specific projects will actually be planned, designed, built, and operated in service of the overarching and uniting Program.

4. Conclusion

How completion of these projects will empower communities around the world to flourish for generations to come. This section includes Prototype Control, Building Information Management, Cost Modeling, Lessons Learned, and the Collective Inheritance this Program of Action will leave behind for Future Generations.

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