1.15 Narrative Infrastructure

Because our Perception is fundamentally structured through a Narrative Framework that dictates our Identity, Values, and Direction, the entire global transformation will needed to be rooted first in a global shift of Narrative, and therefore Paradigm, and therefore Way of Being.

Our Current Best Understanding is that this should be unfolded through a universal Media Project centered around Story.

The Media Project would create a cascading and exponentially accelerating wave of Stories by inviting individuals, organizations, and communities to articulate and align their individual and local stories with the unfolding Meta Story.

This cascading series of Story ultimately becomes the core engine driving the crowd-funding of the energy and resources necessary to do the Work required to accomplish our highest shared Goals.

Therefore infrastructure and process should be created that helps individuals articulate and evolve over time:

  1. Their Story
  2. Our Story
  3. The Meta Story

For a starting point and additional initial thoughts, see The Power of Today, particularly 3.0 Story and subsequent sections.