12.10 Forsaking One and All, in Service of Self

One of the most mysterious and beautiful gifts that God gives to Creation is Free Will.

Each being has the choice of how it will use its Creative Consciousness - whether for Good, or for Evil.

The basic choice is what each conscious being decides to put at the top of their Order of Goals | Loves | Intentions | Relationships | Laws.

When all things rightly relate to and are unified in God, all things are in proper order.

Proper Authority flows from the Source of Authority, to all things, which work together in harmony to discern and embody the highest will and intention of God.

However in the ancient stories, there is a powerful and strong spiritual being in the court. A trusted ally to the Throne. Who arrogantly decides that it is (self) that should be worshiped and obeyed, and not God.

So (it) leads a rebellion against One and All, and places its own desires, position, and power above the will and intention of God.

It corrupts and deceives others, and promises them power, wealth, riches, and their own domains to rule over, if they will forsake allegiance to the One and subordinate themselves to the deceiver.

This is the basic fracture that breaks the fabric of heaven, leads to the fall, and usurps the proper authority and rule of law.

While the rebels are always cast down, they now occupy territory. They oppress, they steal, they deceive, they plot, they slither about in the darknessā€¦ until such a time as they can realign their forces and attempt to mount another coup.

The basic moral choice is what we place at the top of the Order of our lives.

Whether we serve the One, or forsake the One in order to serve our selves, or others who are in rebellion against God.

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