10.30 Family Sovereignty

From time to time, in order to satisfy our overwhelming desire for love, relationship, security, and reproduction, sovereign individuals voluntarily associate into a higher order form of organization we call a “family”.

In a family, all family members maintain their sovereignty. No member of any family has the right to exploit, harm, oppress, or otherwise violate the sovereignty of any other family member. If any member of a family becomes a corrupt and abusive tyrant, the other sovereigns in that family have the right, and perhaps the moral obligation, to liberate themselves from that tyranny. It is better to be alone in the chaos, than in a false order ruled by a corrupt tyrant.

The family, as a voluntarily associated unit of society, is also sovereign. It’s sovereignty is not granted or derived from any state or authority, but rather inherently and inextricably present, flowing from the sovereignty of voluntarily associated individuals, whose inalienable sovereignty and divine rights and responsibilities flow directly from the One.

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