10.29 Stacking Up And Aligning Sovereignty

The Fount of Sovereignty is its Source.

The Source is One.

Sovereignty flows from the One, to each individual.

Individuals may then choose, of their own Free Will, to begin stacking up and aligning their Sovereignty into social units of higher order functional unity.

Each time they do, they give up the unbounded Potential of isolation in the midst of chaos, in order to forge new and greater potentials through social structure.

This voluntarily stacking up and aligning of Sovereignty and Authority must always occur from the bottom up, on the basis of free will.

Sovereignty does not flow from the One to some “state” or "national" structure, who then grants or bestows that sovereignty on individuals under its authority. That evil idea is more akin to slavery. If sovereignty can be granted by the state, it can be taken away by the state. If someone can rob you of your sovereignty, you are not free.

The locus of sovereignty, authority, and law in the New World is the individual.

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