1.9 The Old Authorities

As we prepare to renter the Caves, I must remind you. Do not trust the Authorities.

Although they dress up in nice clothes, on the inside they are rotting.

The institutions of government, religion, and society we have looked to for leadership in the past have become old, blind, corrupt, and incapable of arising to meet this moment in history. They cannot, and will not, save us. In fact, they will try to kill us.

In far too many cases, their power depends upon the ongoing poverty, suffering, and ignorance of the individuals and systems they are exploiting for their own narrow benefit.

Without the captives in their caves, repeating back their words and feeding them their blood, they are just chattering voices in the darkness.

Yet there are some of us among them. Amidst the ranks of The Old Authorities I have met good souls, who are ignorant of what they are doing. Many of them. When the liberation begins, they will join us.

But be very discerning, and above all, never subordinate any part of your Being or Our Plan to them.

We are all Sovereign in the New Era, and the moment we sacrifice our Sovereignty we betray the One and the Goal.

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing, and never sacrifice your Sovereignty.

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