12.19 Heaven And Hell Are More Than Real

While the fairy tale versions we have imagined of Heaven and Hell may not be specifically "real" in the sense that we imagined them when we were 10 years old, they may be more than Real in the sense that every one of us, every day, is becoming a little more heavenly or hellish of a creature, and creatures tend to co-create surroundings that reflect their inner state of being.

While it is true that one sin in one day doesn't lead to hell, it is also True that as we consider the realms beyond SpaceTime, transformational Patterns of Death, applied every day for millennia to the product created the day before, getting a little worse every day, could distort a being into a hellish state beyond recognition, and that hellish being would create hell around them.

It is not just who we are today, but the trajectory of who we are eternally becoming that we must consider.

That is why the Patterns of Life and Patterns of Death should not be viewed through narrow lens of right and wrong, or sin and punishment, but rather as Loving Advice that reflects how our thoughts, words, and actions transform our souls, our lives, and our world.

Every Good being naturally wants to move its Self and all the life that surrounds it away from suffering and death, and towards flourishing and abundant life. Flourishing and abundant life, or Heaven, is what lies at the end of the Patterns of Life, both in this life on Earth, and Beyond. Suffering and death, or Hell, is what lies at the end of the Patterns of Death, both in this life on Earth, and Beyond.

From this lens, there is actually no difference between caring about the eternal destiny of our Selves, and caring about the eternal destiny of others. If we do the Wise Right Thing and apply the Patterns of Life, we are becoming better and healthier our Selves by helping others, society, and the Living System become Better. We are fulfilling the will and intention of God. Converse, if we do the foolish wrong thing and apply the Patterns of Death, we are becoming worse and sicker our selves by harming our selves and others, and thereby violating the will and intention of God.

As for today, Hell is more than Real, and we are on the verge of co-creating it and dooming generations of life to come to suffer in it if we don’t change our ways, cease applying the Patterns of Death, start learning together how to apply the Patterns of Life, and start walking in the Way of the One towards the Highest Intention and Greatest Good of Which We Can Presently Conceive, right here on Earth.

While it is of course not literally true that if we all don’t conform to the rules and dogma of religion we burn in hell forever…

…it is Meta True in a way that is far more frightening, because we now consciously understand that we are each individually and solely responsible for co-creating the kind of heaven or hell that we, our children, our grandchildren, and our all generations of life will dwell in for eternity.

There is no such thing as skating through life and being “good enough” to avoid eternal damnation, and live in eternal bliss. Reality and Ultimate Reality are far more nuanced and Just than that.

You are sovereign. You are free. You are liberated from the laws and myths of your nation and your religion.

And the responsibility to wield that sovereignty and freedom in service to the eternal One so that all life can advance towards its destiny of flourishing in heaven, rather than suffering in hell, is far greater than we imagine.

Heaven and Hell are more than Real, and we co-create them for our Selves.