6.12 The Deepest Thing

If our elementary notions are inadequate, then what is It? What is the nature of That Which Creates And Sustains The Universe?

First and foremost, It is, and must always remain, a Mystery beyond the Boundary of Knowing.

We Perceive some aspects of the Physical world. We Experience some aspects of the Metaphysical world.

What is the nature of this deeper Metaphysical or Spiritual realm that gives rise to the Physical realm?

We understand very intuitively that there is something much deeper happening than the shallow physical representations of It.

The history of religion and spirituality is a study of our attempts to grapple with the deepest things, all the way down to the Deepest Thing.

That Upon Which The Most Other Things Depend.

That Upon Which All Depends.

The First Cause.

The Foundation.

Look deeper. Look deeper.

Look deeper, until you begin to experientially encounter the One that All depends upon.

That is the Deepest Thing.

That is the One.

At the Deepest and Highest levels of analysis, there is simply All, and there is simply One.

On your Quest ever Deeper, do not stop short of the One. If you stop short of That Which Hovers Above The Waters Of Chaos And Speaks Forth The Universe, you will drown in the waves of Chaos.

Go to the Absolute center of the hurricane of Chaos.

Penetrate the walls and discover the the peace and stillness that surpasses all understanding.

There, in the Absolute Center, in the Absolute Depths and Heights, at the Bottom and Top of All, is One.

Commune with its Spirit.

At-One with It.

It is longing for Right Relationship and Oneness with you.

Return to It. Feels Its perfectly Loving embrace.

It Loves you. More than you could ever know.

We Love you.

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