9.43 The Sovereignty, Autonomy, And Responsibility Of Every Individual Soldier, Officer, And Wielder Of Force

Soldiers, Officers, and those trained to wield Force on behalf of Society are usually required to take vows to submit to and obey the orders they are given from the Hierarchy.

We hereby pronounce every Soldier, Officer, and Wielder of Force, like all other members of Society, Sovereign, Autonomous, and Free.

Of course it is Good to collaborate and obey orders when the orders are Good, and the System is aligned with the Highest Intention and Greatest Good.

However the moment there is a break in the alignment, and obeying an Order issued by a human would violate the Universal Order issued by the One, we must choose who to Obey, and who to Fear.

For those in the military, this is likely best conceptualized via the notion of Commander's Intent.

Like every human being on earth, every soldier, officer, and wielder of force is Sovereign, Autonomous, and Free.

Our supreme duty and allegiance is not to any provincial institution or oligarchy on earth, but to One and All.

If an authority directs you to harm or hinder to another and you obey, you are guilty of the highest order treason against the [One].

If you exercise power or weapons against the weak, you have broken the highest law, and you are individually responsible.

“I was doing what I was told” is never an excuse for breaking the [Highest Law].

Do not fear the illegitimate authority to whom you are accountable.

Fear the [Meta Authority] to whom we are [All] accountable.

It is inexcusable to betray your [Soul] to save your [Life].

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