10.32 First, Second, Third... And Tenth Degree Sovereignties

From time to time, sovereign communities, in order to satisfy our desire for the benefits and support that are only possible through synergy and relationship between communities, voluntarily associate into higher order forms of organization and functional unity.

Here we get into the concept of Community of Communities.

The nested structure might be something like individuals (first degree sovereigns), in families (second degree sovereigns), in small tribes or communities (third degree sovereigns), in cities (fourth degree sovereigns), in counties (fifth degree sovereigns), in states (sixth degree sovereigns), in federations of states (seventh degree sovereigns), in federations of federations (eighth degree sovereign), in society as a whole (ninth degree sovereigns), in the living system as a whole (tenth degree sovereigns), all stacked up and aligned in right relationship with One, One Another, and All.

As each level of community and order, the fractal fabric and patterns of sovereignty prevail, flowing from the One, up through increasingly higher order levels of voluntary association among sovereigns, and returning to One.

The moment that any higher order form of organization begins to violate the sovereignty of any lower order form, freedom and authority are being subverted and illegitimately exercised.

In the Old World, individuals were convicted for treason against the states.

In the New World, states are convicted for treason against the individual and the One.

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