10.34 The Nation States Of The Old World

In the Old World, especially at the end of the last millennium, something tragic happened. Higher order forms of organization evolved into a very strange and transient phenomena called “nation states”.

The early nation states then began to divide up the world between them, claiming “national” sovereignty and rights, imposing their will upon others, and robbing the individual and the local of their Divine rights, responsibilities, and sovereignty.

Voluntary association… good intentions… shared resources and infrastructure… so quickly devolved into the Old World games of empire, oligarchy, and institution. Ever bigger governments. Ever bigger bureaucracies. Ever bigger armies.

At the close of the millennium, it became illegal for individuals and local communities in many places to do the wise, right thing, for the rules of empires and oligarchies prevented them.

If you do not have individual and local sovereignty, you are not sovereign.

It is only slaves who go around waving the flags of empire and pledging allegiance to them.

Our truest and highest allegiance is to One and to All.

There is only One true universal and eternal empire. There is only One true universal and eternal state. There is only One true universal and eternal authority of heaven and earth. There is only One true universal and eternal law.

It is the universal and eternal Kingdom of the One, the basic subject of the prophetic voice.

It is something like a universal and eternal Meta Community, that is the total interexistent set of all rightly related sovereign individuals and sovereign localities, who have been liberated from the bonds of arbitrary imperial control, and whose true citizenship and primary identity is in the One community of Life and Consciousness flowing from and returning to the One who creates and sustains us All.

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