4.15 How Can They Be One?

How can They be One?

How can the Goal also be the Way?

How can the Way also be the Goal?

How can the Why also be the Way and the Goal?

How can the A also be the Z?

How can the Beginning also be the End?

How can the Beginning and the End also be the Way?

How can Where We Are Going already be within us?

There is only One Way They can All be One.

It is the entire point of every sacred Story.

Meditate upon this. Solely upon this. Solely upon One. Until we begin to Understand.

It is the Aim. It is the Goal. It is the single point of Focus. It is the single point of Attention.

Fix your eyes, fix your Mind, fix your entire Being on the One, and allow It to draw you into Its depths of the Center of All.

It is there, at the Wellsprings of All, that perfect Love, perfect Joy, perfect Peace, and perfect Life dwells in One, and beckons us All to return.

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