9.30 Awakening To The Truth Of Right Relationship And Authority

The Quest of the Hero necessarily involves an awakening to a Truth which compels the Hero to take such extraordinary measures and walk in such an extraordinary Way.

This Truth involves the rediscovery of one’s relationship to the Source of Truth and Being and Authority.

This leads to an awakening through which the Hero rediscovers the Truth of Sovereignty and Right Relationship to Authority and its Source.

Confounding to human institution and Authority, the Hero understands that the Authority present within them is far greater than the Authority present in even the greatest nations, leaders, or religions.

Further, they understand that they have a sacred Responsibility to speak and embody the Truth and to do the Wise Right Thing, regardless of what the human Rules and rulers say.

This relationship of the Hero to the Source of Authority is something like the relationship of a child to the King.

When the Child of the One walks out into Lower Order domains, they are bound not to those local laws, but to the Higher Law and Authority of the One.

This causes anger and consternation on behalf of the oppressive local authorities who are used to being feared and deferred to.

In various scriptures, prophets and poets speak from the voice of the One as We. The royal we. The One who was, is, and always will be. The single binding unity prior to All that arises.

The One who does not change, and is the cause of all changes.

All Authority, and all life, lies with, arises from, and flows from One.

The Knowledge of this Reality empowers the Hero to fulfill their unique purpose by confronting and overcoming Chaos, Corruption, and Injustice, and forging a Better Future for All.

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