6.24 Why The Simple Message Of Love Is So Easily Corrupted

So pure and simple an Idea, so ignorantly and malevolently corrupted.

Attacked by entropy and Chaos from the moment it is Truthfully spoken.

Why has this basic idea, able to be expressed in One Word and understood by children, been so difficult to grasp, preserve, and Operationalize?

Why has it been ignored as billions suffer the agony of Poverty, Exploitation and Injustice?

Why has it been Co-Opted into a thousand warring denominations?

Why has it been articulated into a thousand incompatible forms?

Which One is True?

One is True.

As the eternal Idea burst forth in the hearts and minds of people around the world over millennia, those perceiving it expressed the glimpses they saw in fragments, with varying levels of clarity.

They tried to express, through words, art, song, dance, and poetry the in-breaking Consciousness of a higher Way and a higher One.

Some gained disciples and followers.

The rulers whose positions and power depended on the ignorance and oppression of their communities took notice. They imprisoned, exiled and executed many of the professors of Truth.

They survived long enough to pass on some of their Wisdom.

Yet enlightened Consciousness cannot easily pass itself on to unenlightened Consciousness.

The disciples of a Master misunderstand, misinterpret, and mis-teach the Truths and Principles passed to them. Even after all these years, they still do not understand.

Each student is subject to their own limitations, their own lack of experience.

They have not passed through the battles and crucibles that the Master has passed through that forge a Consciousness capable of mastery. They have not been willing to undergo the pain and suffering that is required to purge the dross.

To know the Way one must live it.

To master the Way one must live it with the integrity that leads one through the valley of the shadow of death, into the underworld, and face to face with one's worst fears.

One must be willing to confront and overcome death itself in faith that like the Phoenix, they will be raised again into ever greater fullness of being.

If you are not willing to Die, you will never truly Live.

Very few Practitioners walk this Way, so very few become the kinds of beings capable of understanding, let alone becoming living embodiments of the Way.

Very few can faithfully teach in the Way the master taught.

And as the message struggles to perpetuate itself, illegitimate rulers and authorities manipulate, distort, co-opt, and violently suppress it, for it threatens the very foundations of the Poverty and Ignorance they depend on for their positions, power, and privilege.

If the message, and the budding community that carries it survive, then comes the problem of generational succession.

In the third and forth generation, now separated a few degrees from the holder of the Source Idea, well meaning and nefarious people together forge the structures of its institutionalization, shackling and imprisoning its latent power, and watering it down further and further through the generations.

The empty forms and repetition become but faint echos of the Truthful Prophetic Roar that once pierced the silence.

Factions and divisions spring up.

Differing interpretations emerge.

Schism. Competition. Conflict. Dogma. Drama. War.

What the teacher intended to liberate and elevate us into functional unity with the Spirit of the One is torn asunder and institutionalized by competing camps.

Generations later, we find ourselves in slavery. Downtrodden and oppressed. Hopeless in a land far from the Destiny that was once Prophesied.

Yet the Way and Power of the One cannot be contained. It does not dwell in the physical and conceptual structures we build to house it. The ancient books, in the secrete vault, hidden away under lock and key will begin streaming forth Light.

There will always be another Jedi.

And the next Jedi will always rediscover the Way.

Try to kill it; though it may rest for a time, it will burst forth stronger than ever to shake the earth and overturn the structures and empires who struggled in vain to contain it.

A simple seed of Truth. Struggling to emerge and take root. Beset and oppressed on every side. Yet unstoppably rising like the New Dawn.

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